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Home of Guelph's Blue Door Astronomy Library
and the Bent Nail Observatory

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Local Makers- Making Science Accessible and Fun!

Ten Telescopes set out with a simple goal- to build ten 3D printed telescopes and make them available to local residents and educators for free. We engaged volunteers and donors to setup and run the very small Blue Door Astro Library in Guelph, ON which has telescopes, books, and astronomy related items that are listed on the library page. The telescopes are fun, robust and designed to be powerful yet easy to use and inexpensive to repair and maintain.  This means that new users can have a simple and stress-free astronomy experience.

We also operate the Bent Nail Observatory which is a small roll-off-roof shed that houses two telescopes that create all of the images you see on this site. We love astronomy and want to see others enjoy the sky as much as we do. 

If you are in the Guelph, Ontario area and can volunteer some time to help amateurs learn about astronomy and telescopes please contact us at

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