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Scope Building Saturday- Feb 10th 2024

Scope Building on Saturdays has been challenged the past week.

Last Saturday we had unique experience of cancelling the session because our workspace had been skunked- literally. The dogs decided to confront a smelly critter directly in front of the intake vent for the house. It actually smelled worse inside than outside.

Today we had our primary builders unavailable due to illness and family events. But we still did some interesting things. For example: we loaned out Comet to D and E who were very excited. We had to fold the legs to fit the tripod into their trunk.

Karl, the young astronomer from Germany, is now an exchange student here in Canada, and today he created calibration data for the wide field and mid field telescope rigs in the Bent Nail Observatory. In the coming days he should be able to share some interesting images he has been working on.

Another small project took place- a local Guelph astronomer asked us if we could design some mounting hardware for his big 10 inch telescope. He picked it up today. We're eagerly awaiting a progress report!


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