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Skyward 150 Kits to be Released

The Skyward 150 design we lend from the Blue Door Astro Library is becoming more and more proven. Testing with various printers and materials is progressing. Soon we will release the STL files that will enable anyone with a printer having a 285mm x 285mm bed or larger to create the main body parts. We are releasing this design for free.

We have worked with together with the Arcturus store on AliExpress to make it easy to source the optical train parts needed to build the Skyward 150. Below you can see what is needed: focuser, collimator, phone camera mount, red dot finder, eyepiece and primary mirror. These items were selected in cooperation with the Arcturus online store to find an attractive price/performance tradeoff. See more details here. Please note that we do not receive any compensation from Arcturus, we are just trying to make it easier for amateur astronomers to build their own telescopes.

You will also need the following pieces of hardware:

  • 2020 aluminum extrusions

  • ABS pipe

  • Screws, t-nuts, knobs

  • Teflon tape

  • 3M mounting tape

The complete Bill of Materials and assembly manual will be available in the coming weeks. These will be released together with the STL files.

Build your own Skyward 150 soon!


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