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Telescope Games for Educators

Recently we held the first ever "Guelph Telescope Games" with the Exhibition Park Neighbourhood Group ( We knew it was going to be cloudy so we prepared ahead of time. Feel free to download these targets to have your own telescope games! The idea is that the game host calls out a target item, such as "Brown Bear!" or "Banana" and the telescope users get practice in pointing a telescope until one of the contestants finds the target item and raises their hand. The game host looks through the scope to see that the target is centered and in focus and awards the points or prize or just the recognition of a well pointed telescope!

At the bottom there is also a "master page" for the game host to see all the targets without shuffling pages. We are hopeful that science teachers who have units in astronomy or optics will find these sheets handy to make telescopes fun even on the cloudiest of days or when there are no opportunities to use the telescopes at night.

We used paper tracing pads to backlight the targets, but if you do this during the day or indoors (down a VERY long corridor) there's no reason you can't just use a piece of paper and tape.


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