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Updates to Skyward Design

Our updates have been sparse the past few weeks. We've been working away quietly in the background to make better designs and more telescopes available to everyone!

Here you can see the latest STL v26 files we've made available on the GitHub site. One thing you will notice is that there are now 4 variations available for the bearing core:

  1. The Super Star Core

  2. The Maple Leaf Core

  3. The Dovetail Core for mounting a Skyward 150 telescope tube on an existing mount

  4. The Custom core and Core Insert for anyone that wants to customize themselves

Here is an example of Terry placing a custom insert into a new telescope.

We've also added some optional components for solar observing that we found very useful during the April eclipse and are now making available to everyone.

The other changes we have made are to allow for better printing, easier assembly and better useability of the final telescope.

Please feel free to download and print these new files and contact us on the Discord if you need any help!


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