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First Draft Skyward 150

I’ve always loved the look of open truss telescopes!

Here is a photo taken by Krzysztof Ulaczyk of a 60cm Zeiss telescope in Poland:

DC, the young astronomer I’m designing the telescope for, loves purple. I happen to love black anodized aluminum extrusions. When I combined all these elements I came up with an Optical Tube Assembly (OTA) that looks like this:

I knew I’d need to make a number of test prints as I fleshed out the full design.

I knew I’d need Altitude (Alt) bearings on both sides and I wanted it to be both sturdy and lightweight. I know my mirror cell (at the bottom end of the OTA where the large primary mirror lives) is going to need some more work. Here was my next step in working on the design:

The photo of the white truss style telescope by Krzysztof Ulaczyk at the top of the page is licensed under Creative Commons:


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