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First Images from The Bent Nail

We have almost finished the The Bent Nail Observatory and have been refining and adjusting the scopes. Here is one of the first images we got. It's a widefield view of the Veil Nebula, which is really the gaseous leftovers of a supernova explosion that happened about 15,000 years ago. Talk about going out with a bang! We are fortunate to have one of the last Vixen VSD100F telescopes available in North America, and we use it at F3 to get extra wide, extra bright fields. We exposed 15 frames at 10 minutes each using an OPT Triad Ultra to get the colourful glow of narrowband gas shell from the explosion. We exposed 10 frames at 2 minutes each with an Optolong LPro filter to capture the true colour of the stars. Then we used Pixinsight and Photoshop to bring the frames together.

A supernova remnant, Veil Nebula Widefield NGC6960
Veil Nebula Widefield NGC6960


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