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Swabian Skyward

The current revision of the Skyward 150 was partially inspired by Karl, a young man from Germany who was very enthusiastic about Canada on his visit here last year. I decided to send a telescope back to Germany with him. I set out to make it a functional souvenir, and of course part of the experience was that he should build it himself. He loved the red maple leaf I designed into the altitude bearing for him. When I suggested he could make it glossy, he immediately agreed.

I would swear that Karl has mechanical aptitude encoded in his DNA.

His mom recently sent me some photos of him with his telescope on the ruins atop Rosenstein, near their home in Germany. Regarding the cloudy autumn weather in Karl's words, "Even though you can't use the telescope for watching the stars right now, you can use it as a binocular! I was able to see parts of Stuttgart, which is over 50 kilometers away, from the Rosenstein."

So now, thanks to Karl, the latest Skyward 150's have the maple leaf proudly displayed in the altitude bearings.


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