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Totally Tubular

Part of the mission of Ten Telescopes is to help everyone have access to an inexpensive, quality scope that they can make themselves. To reach this goal, we will be sharing the STL files (for 3D printing), a bill of materials, and instructions on how to assemble your own Skyward 150 telescope.

Part of our process is making videos that show the recommended assembly method for your telescope. As you can see below, each of our videos are short clips that will easily guide you through each step of the optical tube assembly (OTA) process for a Skyward 150 telescope.

Our first clip shows the rear portion of the mirror cell, including the push pull collimation knobs at the back.

In this clip, the front portion of the mirror cell has the aluminum extrusions mounted into t-nuts.

Next, the extrusions are then brought into the rear portion of the mirror cell.

Now that the extrusions have been set into the rear portion of the mirror cell, it can now slide down the aluminum extrusions. This will bring the front and rear sections of the mirror cell together.

Now together, the front and rear of the mirror cell are secured to each other.

The mirror cell is then secured to the extrusions.

Next, the t-nuts are guided into the truss assemblies and aligned with the opening. (We are using a zip-tie to move the t-nut into position as it works well. But, you could use anything that allows you to slide the t-nuts into position.) Once the t-nut is aligned, the screw is inserted and tightened.

The main baffle is now slid into the truss tube assembly.

As mentioned above, once we have recorded them, we will share the clips of the next OTA steps.

We will soon post the final STL files (to be used for the 3D printing) and the bill of materials that you will need. Once you have the STL files and materials, you can follow the assembly steps in this blog to easily build your very own Skyward 150 telescope.


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